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HOO Flu Fighter Cavalier

Get Your Flu Shot!

Flu shots are available at Student Health or local pharmacies.  Flu (or influenza) typically causes fever, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, cough, body aches, fatigue, and potentially diarrhea and vomiting with symptoms lasting about seven days.  Protecting your self can protect your academics!

Risks of Molly
Impossible to know the purity levels or content of such drugs

Dr. Chris Holstege, Executive Director of UVa Student Health and a noted toxicology expert with the UVa Health System, describes the risks and myths associated with Molly, emphasizing that it is impossible to know the purity level or content of such drugs.

World map travel clinic

Planning to Travel for Spring Break?

Start your international vaccination series now!  Make an appointment with our International Travel Clinic.

  • 90% of students do not use tobacco
  • Flu - Vaccine -
    most students get one!
  • 2/3 students do something they find restorative, like art or reading