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Welcome to the Gynecology Clinic!

We are here to provide you with high quality and confidential gynecologic care in order to optimize your health and personal success. Our staff is experienced in addressing the health concerns common to students and we strive to stay up-to-date on emerging issues.

Our team is composed of two gynecologists, several nurse practitioners, family medicine physicians, and rotating senior medical students who work under staff supervision. Our triage nurses, nursing assistants, and receptionists complete the staff.

Our services are offered in a confidential, sensitive manner and include well-woman issues (contraception, screening for sexually transmitted infections) as well as common gynecologic concerns (vaginitis, urinary tract infections, menstrual problems, and more). In addition, we offer care after a sexual assault including medical care, emotional support, and referral depending on a student's needs and desires.

Specialty care is sometimes necessary for your condition. This may involve a referral for an office visit with a specialist or transfer to the Emergency Room. Whatever your needs, we will ensure that your care is coordinated and timely.

Scheduling a Gynecology Appointment

Several ROUTINE appointments in our clinic can be scheduled online. However, if you have an URGENT health concern, please call our clinic to speak with a triage nurse at 434-924-2773. The nurse will advise you regarding self-care, schedule an appointment for your urgent need, or suggest that you make an appointment at a later time if appropriate.