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Appointment Information

WahooWell appointments typically last up to one hour and, beginning September 2021, occur on the first floor of the new Student Health and Wellness building (550 Brandon Ave), within the Office of Health Promotion.

  • To schedule a WahooWell appointment, take the well-being survey.
  • To reschedule a WahooWell appointment, students are requested to contact the Office of Health Promotion at (434) 924-1509 as soon as possible. Appointments must be cancelled at least one hour prior to the scheduled appointment time or the student will be charged a $25 “No Show” charge.
  • As a health resource through Student Health and Wellness, both the well-being survey and follow-up WahooWell meetings are confidential

WahooWell is a well-being resource and not a substitute for licensed mental health services. If you are experiencing panic attacks, anxiety, depression, little interest or pleasure in doing things, feeling down, depressed, or hopeless, thoughts of harm to self or others, or other symptoms that would be best treated by a licensed counselor or clinician, please contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) by calling (434) 243-5150, or 911 in case of emergency.